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I’ve had this idea for quite a long time.

a book of images. displaying the downward spiral of abandonment and decay plaguing my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. I resolved to use nothing but film for this. Color film to be precise.

After some debate over which film stock I will be using (Ilford, Kodak, fujifilm, new or expired, etc). I decided on fujifilm c200 expired 2016. The colors, specifically the greens and reds, are most pleasing to my eye.

The reason this initial post is in Black and white is because it was just a test of the camera and I did not want to waste any of the roles of c200 for this particular step in the process.

The camera i would be using for this endeavor was the Canon AE-1 w/50mm f1.4. So i walked the streets, camera in hand, and B+W film loaded.

As you can see, the camera performs magnificently. some of these shots will be in the final series, but in color.

I’m really happy with the alley ways shots.

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