C41 Developing – A journey 4

C41 Developing - A Journey


The Chemicals are mixed, the timer is set. Lets start developing!

For obvious reasons i did not document myself loading the film into the tank. 

Before loading the film, i measured out the developer and started heating it. 

Once the film was loaded, and the developer still heating, i gave the film a hot rinse for around 1 minute.

After heating, loading and rinsing. i poured the developer into the tank and hit the timer. 

at the half way point in developing i put the blix on heat. 

Once the blix stage is complete, we now give the film a longer rinse. during this rinse we set the temp to a colder value, in preparation for the final step.

The final rinse, which is just a stabilizer, can be done at room temp. From my understanding, it is just a surfactant, which just prevents water from drying on the film and leaving spots from hard water.

once stabilized, i squeegee the film till dry and hang up for a few hours to fully dry out. i noticed the film curves inward at the beginning of the drying process, but straightens out at the end.

Up Next

Next time i will go over my cutting and scanning and show you some of the final edits!

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