C41 Developing – A Journey 2

Tools Needed

CINESTILL C41 1L kit. Cheap, easy to use, and chemical mixing is straight forward. there are other kits available on the market. Rollei, Kodak, fujifilm, tetenal, and Arista. I chose CINESTILL based on price and reviews.

Beakers. 500ml max. I dont usually develop more than one role of 120mm or two roles of 35mm These are heat resistant and cold resistant. perfect for both black and white developing which is usually done at 20° C (68° F) and Color developing which is usually done at 38° C (102° F)

I went ahead and picked up six of these off Amazon. Even though color developing is a two step process (more on this later), B+W developing is a three step process. So picking up size beakers allows me to separate the two different processes and have one left over encase of breakage.

A high quality thermometer is a must. I wouldn’t recommend skimping on this

Light tight containers. 1000ml.
  • Changing Bag
  • timer (phone)
  • paper towels
  • film squeegee
  • heating element (stove, camping electric stove, etc)
  • pot or pan for heating water bath
Next Post we will go over mixing the chemicals. so stay tuned!
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