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C41 Developing – A journey 4

C41 Developing – A Journey Developing The Chemicals are mixed, the timer is set. Lets start developing! For obvious reasons i did not document myself loading the film into the tank.  Before loading the film, i measured out the developer and started heating it.  Once the film was loaded, and the developer still heating, i gave the film a hot rinse for around 1 minute. After heating, loading and rinsing. i poured the developer into the tank and hit the […]

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You Can See it in Their Eyes

I’ve been working on an idea for a long time. a book of head shots. You Can See it in Their Eyes Mental health has always been a struggle in my life, and this is a way for me to publicly acknowledge my personal struggles, while also helping others do the same. This is not a book that will directly point out each participants unique issues rather, highlighting the normalcy and commonality of mental issues.The beginning of the book will […]

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C41 Developing – a journey 3

C41 Developing – A Journey 3 Mixing the Chemicals Cinestill c41 kit comes with well documented instructions for mixing the chemicals. Initial Notes USE DISTILLED WATER *you can use tap water, but it is strongly recommended to use distilled to avoid any unfavorable reactions •Use water at the temperature you want to use to develop your film. This allows for shorter warm-up time Stir continuously while mixing Keep everything very clean. A few drops of Blix, soap or other contaminates […]

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C41 Developing – A Journey 2

Tools Needed Chemicals CINESTILL C41 1L kit. Cheap, easy to use, and chemical mixing is straight forward. there are other kits available on the market. Rollei, Kodak, fujifilm, tetenal, and Arista. I chose CINESTILL based on price and reviews. TOOLS Beakers. 500ml max. I dont usually develop more than one role of 120mm or two roles of 35mm These are heat resistant and cold resistant. perfect for both black and white developing which is usually done at 20° C (68° […]

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C-41 Developing – A journey

At home film development has always been a passion of mine. I’ve done plenty of black and white developing in the past, but color developing has always scared me. I always viewed it as some unattainable thing. NO LONGER I will be documenting this endeavor in multiple stages: Initial research darkroom setup chemical mixing first roll of film developed high resolution scans and final thoughts I started by ordering a 1L kit of c41 chems. Along with some beakers, a […]

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