Monthly:December 2019

NEW Camera NEW project

I’ve had this idea for quite a long time. a book of images. displaying the downward spiral of abandonment and decay plaguing my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. I resolved to use nothing but film for this. Color film to be precise. After some debate over which film stock I will be using (Ilford, Kodak, fujifilm, new or expired, etc). I decided on fujifilm c200 expired 2016. The colors, specifically the greens and reds, are most pleasing to my eye. […]

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A self portrait series. I have a definite aversion towards being in front of the camera. This series, allowed myself to get used to the idea of being the subject, instead of the photographer.

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They’ve All Been to the Nog

  This portrait series was a bit of a love letter to the local music scene i grew up with roughly 2000-2008. I tried to gather as many people from past bands as well has more recent bands. The Nog, what can i say about this little piece of dirty heaven. A bar, with barely a stage, and no proper sound system. This little bar IS the epicenter of  the Daytona beach music/comedy/art scene.  

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